Teen Drinking and Driving: Facts and Statistics on Drunk Driving

Men are more likely to be involved in drunk driving accidents, according to the NHTSA. In 2016, 21% of men were drunk in fatal accidents, compared to 14% of women. If you are convicted of drunk driving, you may have to do jail time, pay fines, pay higher insurance rates and more. Many people who have a DUI on their record have trouble finding employment and getting a college loan. If you injure or kill someone in a drunk driving accident, you may have a felony on your record for life that will make finding work very difficult in some situations.

  • Most teens aren’t aware of the consequences of drinking or how it affects the brain.
  • A fatal accident at night is three times more likely to be caused by an impaired motorist than a daytime accident.
  • But there’s still a long way to go toward ending drunk driving crashes and deaths.

The level of alcohol in the blood is measured by the weight of the substance in a certain amount of blood. With a BAC of .08 grams of alcohol per deciliter, the risk of a crash rises dramatically. Because of the higher risk of a crash with .08% BAC, it is illegal to drive with this level in all 50 states. But remember that even a small amount of alcohol in the blood can affect your ability to drive.

Impaired Driving Costs Both Lives and Freedom

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drunk driving facts and statistics

At a BAC of .08 grams of alcohol per deciliter (g/dL) of blood, crash risk increases exponentially. Because of this risk, it’s illegal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto when someone you love goes through drug and alcohol relapse Rico to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher, except in Utah where the BAC limit is .05. 57% of drivers who were fatally injured had alcohol or drugs in their system and 17% had both.

Age Differences in Drunk Driving Crashes

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And an even better question — why do people continue to break the law by driving under the influence when they know it’s not only irresponsible, but dangerous? Not only do drunk drivers put themselves and others in danger, but drivers must remember thatcar insurance rates increaseafter a crash and other irresponsible driving behaviors. Among the people killed in these drunk driving crashes, an estimated seven out of ten were in crashes in which at least one driver in the crash had a BAC of .15 or higher. Repeat offenders who drink and drive are a very real, very deadly problem. Drivers with BACs of .08 g/dL or higher involved in fatal crashes were 4 times more likely to have prior convictions for driving while impaired than were drivers with no alcohol (8% and 2%, respectively).

You have been redirected to Responsibility.org because you entered a date below the legal drinking age in the U.S. Join us in starting a lifetime of conversations around alcohol responsibility – keep reading to learn more. Sobriety checkpoints by law alcohol rehab and recovery information enforcement officers reduce fatalities, injury accidents and property damage accidents on the road by about 20% according to the CDC. Alcohol-impaired drivers got behind the wheel of a car about 147 million times in 2018, according to the CDC.

Drunk Driving Statistics and Fatal Facts

Nearly 17% of teens surveyed admitted to driving in a car while a driver who had been drinking. In 2017, there were four male, alcohol-impaired drivers for every one female alcohol-impaired driver out on the road, says NHTSA. Drunk driving laws have changed significantly over the years, and states have taken the initiative to add their own specifications in addition to federal traffic laws. Impairment offenses can be classified as misdemeanors or even felony offenses, often resulting in fines, loss of your driver’s license and even jail time.

drunk driving facts and statistics

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Gender makes a difference too —27%of the young male drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking at the time of the crash, compared with 15% of the young female drivers involved in fatal crashes. Young adults represented the most dangerous age group for drunk driving. Motorists involved in fatal accidents between the ages of were legally impaired 1.5 times more often than the national average in 2019.9That percentage gradually tails off as age increases. Alcohol-impaired crashes are those that involve at least one driver or a motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams per deciliter or above, the legal definition of impaired driving.

There Are Less Drunk Drivers – But They’re Still A Problem

Studies reveal that 3 or 4 regular sized beers for a 170 pound male make him too drunk to drive. In 40% of traffic deaths in the US at any age, alcohol is involved. If you agree to stand with us against drunk driving, be sure to sign our Safe and Sober Pledge.

A survey released in 2014 by the North Carolina ABC Commission found that two-thirds of middle school and high school-aged children knew a peer that tried alcohol. The same study describes most children will try alcohol for the first time by age 14, meaning the problems start earlier than most parents realize. This poor judgment carries over to choosing whether or not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle or get in the car with someone drinking. If you’ve consumed alcohol, you’ve probably made some poor choices.

National Drunk Driving Facts & Statistics (2021 Updated)

Additionally, since the pandemic’s start in early 2020, more drivers have admitted to driving drunk, and doing it often. If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, call Bill Coats Law right away. With twenty years’ experience, we will help you through a difficult time and get the money you deserve for your injuries and hardships. Alcohol is responsible for nearly half of auto vehicle crashes where a teen is killed (46%). If you’re ever injured by the negligence of a drunk driver, please contact our law firm immediately.

Public attitude toward drinking and driving continues to shift as more and more families are affected by the negative consequences of alcohol. Today, there is a lot more education and many more laws, all designed to prevent driving under the influence, particularly among new drivers. For example, the average car insurance premium from State Farm is $1,422 per year, if you have a clean record.

Some states will allow the person who provided alcohol at an event to be sued in a personal injury action if injury or death was involved in a drunk driving accident. In 2014, 16% of all drivers who were in fatal accidents during the week were intoxicated, compared to 29% on Friday and Saturday night. Every day, approximately 800 people in the United States are injured in a drunk driving accident. Although the data might not be out there, tests for confirming active THC in fatalities are not common given they’re expensive. There is no breathalyzer out there to know if someone has active THC in their system — it must be tested by urine or blood. Therefore, understanding how marijuana has taken a part in high driving-related crashes is inconclusive at this point.

Drunk driving and car insurance rates

She also focuses on ensuring that Bankrate’s insurance content represents and adheres to the Bankrate brand. In 2020, 5,268 people operating a motorcycle were killed in traffic crashes. Of those motorcycle riders, how to heal your liver after alcoholism 1,436 (27%) were drunk (BAC of .08 g/dL or higher). Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment can be beneficial for people who drink alcohol excessivelybut do not have alcohol use disorder.

Fatalities caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have steadily declined in the US for decades, yet the numbers remain unacceptably high. Over 10,000 Americans are killed by drunk drivers annually, with fatalities spiking around holidays. Additionally, hints of higher impairment rates during COVID-19 have compounded the threats on our roadways.

In some cases, teens might wear “blacking out” like a badge of honor. Unfortunately, this is one of the scariest things that can happen when drinking. When someone passes out, they’ll lose consciousness and become immobile. When you blackout, you’ll appear conscious but have zero recollection of the events that occurred. We won’t stop until no mother has to experience this 100% preventable loss again- but we need your compassion to get us closer. Be driven by a mother’s pain and help prevent more victims of drunk and drugged driving.

Teen Drinking and Driving: Facts and Statistics on Drunk Driving
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