How to pronounce malady in English Definition and synonyms of malady in English

From Middle English maladie, from Old French maladie (“sickness, illness, disease”), from malade (“ill, sick”), from Latin male habitus (“ill-kept, not in good condition”), 1st century AD. Sickness is a word describing yet another aspect of not being in good health. It refers to the societal recognition of the state of illness. Proto-Indo-European root meaning “false, bad, wrong.” The exact sense of the root remains uncertain, “since it concerns a collection of largely isolated words in different IE branches” [de Vaan]. The word illness is used to describe what persons feel about themselves. Sometimes, when feeling ill, patients are uncertain what words to use to describe their state and will choose words that they feel attract the attention of their doctor or their family.

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There are conditions that would be considered a sickness by society, a disease by the medical profession and an illness by those who suffer from them. Their number, however, is not all that large as one would think and for conditions that do not fall into this group the questions listed above (and many others) will arise. There is no strict rule that could be followed to answer them nor is it possible to reject any of the three definitions. It is therefore necessary that physicians and public health decision makers remain aware of the three aspects (and territories) of maladies with which they are dealing even if that complicates their life and their actions. Such is the world in which we live.

What does malady mean in a sentence?

A malady is an illness or disease. [old-fashioned] He was stricken at twenty-one with a crippling malady. Synonyms: disease, complaint, illness, disorder More Synonyms of malady. countable noun.

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Thus, when seeking help from doctors, they will refer to pain in organs and when speaking to their family they will talk about functioning, complain of being tired, unable to do things, and so forth. A malady is an illness, like a malady that keeps you home, sick in bed for days, or something that causes you to have trouble or to suffer, like jet lag — a malady that affects travelers. These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘malady.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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Definitions of MALADY

Most Modern English words with this element are 19c. It generally implies imperfection or deficiency, but often it is simply negative (as in malfeasance, malcontent). It is equivalent to dys- and caco- of Greek origin and Germanic mis- (1). This novel is a fictionalized account of the life of Juan de Pareja, the half-African slave of famed painter Diego Velázquez in 17th century Spain.

How to pronounce malady in English Definition and synonyms of malady in English
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